Happy Birthday to me – Early Birthday Presents

I haven’t posted in detail about it yet, but Saturday we had a get together at our house for Andrew’s birthday and the 4th of July. Since my birthday is this week too, a few people brought over gifts early.

Now being from a large family, I never expect gifts for my birthday, especially nothing elaborate. And since last year for my 50th, Terry and the kids went all out, I am definitely not expecting anything big. With that said, it’s always nice to get treated special, no matter what the occasion.

Amy & Andrew brought me these gorgeous beach glass wine charms. Based on the packaging, I’m assuming they ordered them thru Seashaped on Etsy. You know what wine charms are, right? They’re supposed to be used to tell which glass belongs to which person. Unfortunately, I don’t think these will ever make it on a glass. They’re just too pretty! Here’s what I’m thinking. I’ll make each one into a necklace, or maybe I’ll make a couple of them into (non-matching) earrings. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Now I just need to find someone to show me how or help me do it.

My mom also gave me a sweet card and some spending money, which is ALWAYS fun!

My dear friend, Sharon gave me these lovely blue drink stem glasses that can be used for anything – wine, dessert parfaits or even water! They’ll match the gorgeous blue glass pitcher that she gave me last year. She also topped it off with the yellow and green summery dish towels. She knows I love them!

What a fun day. Tonight Terry will take me out for dinner wherever I want to go. Seafood, of course!

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