The Many Faces of Andrew Schubert – Happy Birthday Andrew !!

Today is Andrew’s birthday. This first photo is from when Amy & Andrew first started dating. Doesn’t Andrew look so, so young?

This weekend they came over to Phoenix from their home in So Cal. We were excited to see them! We haven’t been together since Christmas.

The picture with his cousin, Lucas was taken at Christmas in 2003. He’s a great cousin!

They arrived around mid-day on Friday and we just relaxed a bit, Andrew went swimming and we got ready to go out for his birthday dinner at Richardson’s. Andrew loves spicy food, so we thought that Richardson’s New Mexico cuisine would be unique and perfect for his birthday celebration. Andrew got chorizo-stuffed pork chops. I didn’t bring my camera (because Amy brought hers), so hopefully she’ll post some pics from dinner (although it was pretty dark, so not sure how well they turned out). I think Andrew liked the food.

Saturday we had a BBQ – Pool party in honor of the 4th of July and Andrew’s birthday. We feel privileged that he chose to spend his birthday weekend here when he could have been anywhere. We had lots of family and friends over. I’ll post more about that later. This post is for Andrew.

The pic of Amy & Andrew in red and blue was taken exactly 1 year before they got married when Amy was in Kim & Jed’s wedding in November 2004. This was one of Andrew’s short hair phases.
Then a year later, on their wedding day he was looking a bit shaggier, but still handsome. Shoot, he looks cute no matter how his hair is cut.

I think most of you know that a few months ago Andrew got his first engineering credit on the latest Green Day album. You can see his name on this black page with white print. Awesome huh!

This special edition album set was our birthday present to him. He told Amy that he wanted it and she kindly passed the tip on to us. Those hints really help for someone like Andrew. He always has a long list of music that he’s hoping to get, but because his tastes are so eclectic, we would never be able to guess what he wants, so we’re happy to get the inside info.

This last pic is from yesterday when Andrew was going thru the box of albums that my sister, Diane and her boyfriend, JD gave him. If you haven’t heard, he collects vinyl and loves it! I think he’ll enjoy going thru all of these oldies. There were Beatles and Eagles and I don’t know what else in that box.
We’re just so thankful to have Andrew in our family! He’s so sweet and considerate and loves our daughter like no one else can. He’s got a great sense of humor (although a bit bizarre) and loves to laugh. He is a great cousin to the rest of the kids in our extended family and will someday be an amazing dad and uncle, I’m sure.

We’re excited to see how well he is doing in following his dream of being a recording engineer. He’s a hard worker, conscientious, smart, creative and responsible. He knows how to keep information confidential for their high profile clients and is learning so much in his job. We know that he’s going to go far in reaching his goals.

What a gift and a blessing he is to our whole family! We’re so thankful that God sent him our way.

Happy birthday Andrew. We love you!

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