More compliments online for the Exit – Glory Road album!!!

You are never going to believe that our friend, Bernie Rolfe found more comments and compliments online about the Glory Road album. For those who haven’t known us long, this is the only album that was made by the band that Terry played with in the late 70’s (when we met). They recorded it the year before we were married and it actually came out the year we were married. (There’s more to that story, but I won’t go into it here.)

It’s so amazing to find comments online from total strangers raving about the music from an album that was recorded over 30 years ago on vinyl. The internet really is a wonderful thing. You’ll see that one of these bloggers lives in Australia! How in the world did he hear of GR ?

Anyway, check out these links and enjoy for yourself…and maybe even leave a comment if you heard the album or the band (and can remember anything about it).

The Ancient Star-Song – is a guy in East Randolph, NY. He has a place where you can download the whole album of music. Not sure about the copyright issues there, but for what it’s worth.

Ascending and Descending – is written by Christopher Orczy, an Australian blogger. He also has some kind words to say about the album.

Really took me on a walk down memory lane. Such precious memories of a blessed and unique season of life. Fun times!

If any of the band members read this, it sounds like they would love to hear from you on these sites.

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  1. Ted reminded me that I experienced much of the same thing when I was with Terry. Not quite as blatant swooning, but definitely people that were excited to be able to talk to him. He was a local rock star after all.Since then, I've always taken that into account when thinking about big celebrities. What is it about our society that changes the perception of a person just because they're on stage or screen or have their name on a book? It really is kind of an odd thing.


  2. I remember in college, when a (female) friend of mine found out that TERRY HANN WAS MY BROTHER!…and freaked out. Turned out she was a huge Glory Road fan (would have been a groupie, if that sort of thing was allowed). She wanted Terry's autograph, wondered if he ever visited me so she could meet him (swoon!). And I just kept thinking, "He's just Terry…plain old Terry! Jeesh!"


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