Wow! Check this out if you’re looking for ways to help save the planet.

I saw these clever recycled bags in a magazine, went to the Terracycle website and was amazed at all the cool recycled products that they offer.

They started out making liquid fertilizer from worm waste and now, among other things they have bags made out of recycled grocery bags & drink pouches, flower pots made out of old crushed computers and fax machines, rain barrels and compost bins made from old wine barrels , cork boards from wine corks and even more.

You can even pick up some extra cash for your local charity along the way if you’re really diligent and want to send them your old wrappers. It could be a great fund raiser and awareness raiser for groups of all ages…

Check it out. Their prices seem pretty reasonable too. Sadly, I don’t find the rain barrels on their online catalog, maybe because the shipping would be too much. Apparently though, they have some items in stores in the area…we’ll see what we can find.

I’m thinking of ordering one or two of their bird feeders.

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