I love my Plumbago!!!
I’m so pleased with the success so far of the Blue Plumbago that we planted in the atrium outside of our master bathroom a month or so ago. I’m looking forward to seeing it keep growing and eventually spill over the block wall so it can be seen from the back yard too.

I had been extremely hesitant to plant anything in this hot Arizona sun, thinking that it wouldn’t survive, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised and even encouraged by what I’ve seen lately.

Yesterday, Terry and I also took a drive around a few neighborhoods to get some ideas of what kinds of plants we’d like to try in our front yard when the landscape project is ready for planting. Even though we’re planning to do low water/low maintenance plants as much as possible, I’m excited about the possibilities for flowers and color and even shade! I can’t wait to get things going and see how it all turns out.

(Ignore the flaws due to the photographer-taking pics thru the window of the car) but check out these Plumbago in the front yard of this house. I like it!

We’re hoping to put in some flower boxes under our front windows and I’m thinking of trying these plants in the window boxes. Let me know your thoughts or if you have other ideas. We’re also considering lantana (not sure what color) or those gorgeous fushia colored bougainvillea as well.

The Plumbago may be too pale against the pale sage of the house. Let me know what you think.

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