Congratulations Amber! You are now authorized to encourage, educate, excite and enjoy the youth of Arizona.

Back in May, our niece, Amber Hann officially received her teaching degree from Southwestern College. We’re so proud and excited that she also landed a teaching position already. even in this economy. Wow! She got 2 job offers in a week.

These are pics from the graduation party at her parent’s house. (a little late…sorry Amber). Doesn’t she look so excited and sweet?

Isn’t the house beautiful too? Her dad had it custom built. It’s near Union Hills and 16th Street or something like that. It was for sale at the time and may still be, if you’re interested. I’m sure she can give you their contact information if you want to put in an offer.

Anyway, we dropped by the party for a little while, but had another party to go to that evening so couldn’t stay too long. We had a tour of the house (my request), had some great Mexican food, met her mom and visited with some of the Hann family. Terry’s brother, Tod (who is Amber’s father-in-law), Jeremiah, her husband and Matthew, Jeremiah’s brother. Jeremiah’s mom, Tonia and grandmother were also there. That’s about all the people we knew.

It was pretty low key and relaxing. We enjoyed the celebration. Thanks Amber for all your hard work to give us an excuse to celebrate and get together.

Back to the house…I would love a house with a view like this. I know, I’m dreaming…o.k, maybe in heaven I’ll have a view like that. Can you imagine sitting by the pool with a cool drink and the fireworks that you could see from this back yard? Click on this panorama picture below to see the full extent of the view. I put this together in Photoshop Elements from 6 different photos and it was so easy and fun! I’ll have to find places to do more of these. Any ideas?

“Once children learn how to learn, nothing is going to narrow their mind. The essence of teaching is to make learning contagious, to have one idea spark another.” — Marva Collins

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