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I still have several posts to catch up on… Amber’s graduation party, my spring cleaning project, and Terry & Julie’s birthday party, but right now I’m going to tell you about our AZ Diamondbacks game with my mom today. I’m sure there’s more, but I need to look back in my pics to see what I’m still missing.

So today we took my 85 years old mother, Jaye, to see the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team play the Atlanta Braves. It was a 1:10 pm game on Saturday which made the logistics much easier than an evening or even a Sunday game. We also bought the tickets as a fundraiser for my boss, Rosanne’s grandson Jordan, so that made it even more worthwhile. Jordan plays high school baseball and we know how our public schools are hurting for funds, so it’s always nice to be able to help in any way we can.

We decided to pick up mom early and grab a bite to eat before the game to save the cost of the stadium food as well as the hike back and forth to the concession stands, since Mom’s not quite as mobile as she used to be. We originally planned to try out Matt’s Big Breakfast, which I’ve heard so many good things about, but silly me, I printed out a map of the address and forgot to bring it and couldn’t remember exactly where it was. We had a back-up plan to go to Cooperstown, but while we were on the way there we drove by First Watch, which I knew was a breakfast place, but had also never been there. I knew that Mom and Terry both liked to eat breakfast out, so that’s where we went. The service was good and the food was adequate. Nothing really to write home about, but much cheaper than lunch at the ballpark would have been.

It was a good thing that we went there, because Mom insisted on paying for our meal (since we were providing the rest of the entertainment for the day) and the food at Chase field would have set her back quite a bit more. I try to let her pay once in a while because she’s a giver and it brings her joy to show love by giving gifts, plus she gets mad if I don’t let her. We’re alike in that way. I like to give gifts and so does she. Fortunately, my budget is a little bigger than hers so I win out most of the time.

Anyway, we enjoyed a leisurely meal then drove to the ballpark. We arrived probably 45 minutes before the game was supposed to start, but because it was “Stephen Drew Bobblehead” giveway day and a Saturday afternoon game, there were quite a few of the 30,000+ crowd already on hand. Terry dropped us off and parked the car while mom and I presented our tickets, received our bobblehead dolls and maneuvered our way thru the crowds and half way around the stadium to our seats in the lower level near left field.

Terry arrived a little while later and although Mom said she wanted me to sit by Terry (since she didn’t know much about baseball and he wouldn’t have anyone to talk to) she proceeded (as I sat between them) to ask him every question she could think of about the game, the players, the team, the league, etc. She also confirmed much of the information that she did already know about baseball. She realized while she was there that the last game she had been to was to see the Cleveland Indians some time in the early 50’s with my dad (over 50 years ago, if you didn’t do the math).

I think she was truly having fun. That’s one great thing about my mom. She tries to make the best of every experience that she has…wants to soak it all in and enjoy it for all its worth. She rarely complains, even if the physical activity is getting harder for her. She’s such a trooper and really loves experiencing new things. She’s always been a great example to me of how to have a positive outlook about my world.

Soon my boss (and friend) Rosanne and her husband Ken, daughter Alison and grandson, Jordan came and sat next to us. It was nice to have them there and Terry enjoyed talking with Ken. They had also shared the experience of a Red Sox game in Boston, but that’s a long story for another time.

We treated ourselves to some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream during the game and were all intent on watching the Dbacks. At the 9th inning the game was tied 2-2 and at some point Mom said, “I may never get to come to another baseball game, so they better win for me!” She also tried to convince me that she was using mental telepathy to will one of the guys into getting a hit…there’s that positive attitude for you. She had fun with the whole thing.

This little boy in the glasses sat just down the row from us and reminded me a little bit of my nephew, Lucas or Jonathan Lipnicki from Jerry Maguire. He was so cute in his wire rim glasses and inside-out rally cap holding his stuffed rattlesnake. He wanted so badly to stay awake for the whole game, but eventually gave in to his little body and took a nap. What a sweetie!

The game finally ended in the 11th inning with a hit from Eric Byrnes that drove in a run by Mark Reynolds. So, Mom got her win and so did the Dbacks. All in all I think she had a fun day and we didn’t wear her out too much. Good news is that she has her Stephen Drew bobblehead to show off to her friends at the senior apartments, plus I told her I’d print out a few pictures and bring them to her when I come over next week.

I treasure every time we get to spend with her. She’s doing so great for her age, but we never know how long she will still be with us and healthy enough to do fun things like this. What a gift it is to be able to enjoy days like this with her!

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  1. What a wonderful post Nancy! What a special day with your Mom. You are the best daughter. And Terry is the best son-in-law. You are so creative in the area of gift giving Nancy. And your pictures make it extra special. You could even go to Michael’s and get one of those scrap page/ album frames and frame the memory for her to enjoy for years. But let’s hope she doesn’t wait another 50 years before she enjoys her next ball game! Ha!


  2. Great to see that Grandma Jaye is doing so well – we miss her! Almost as much as we miss you, and more than we miss Terry. She’s such a fun character.But please don’t ever compare Lucas to Jonathan Lipnicki – I’ve had dealings with them both, and I can guarantee you that they’re not at all alike. Plus, that cute little boy is just your MEMORY of Lucas. He’s almost as tall as me now, and will be taller soon!


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