Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie!

Even though the official day was last week, I’ve been working on this whenever I get a few minutes and wanted to take time to wish my hubby a belated happy birthday.

Here are just a few photos of him over the years. The one of him on top of the car was obviously before his mother (on the right in the photo) became overly cautious of the safety of little children. (just kidding-she was a great mom with all those 5 boys and Julie to keep track of).

The second photo is the talented, shy, creative, sensitive, rock star, hippy that I dated and fell in love with when I was 17-18 and married when I was 19. O.k., 19 and a half.

Then there’s Terry and Kevin flying a kite in Newhall, California. They share a love of the outdoors, learning and adventure. In fact, they may be going sky diving together soon.

I love this one of Terry and Amy on a boat ride at Lake Tahoe. She wasn’t always very demonstrative about her affection, so when she decided to show it, you had better stop and enjoy it. Yeah, she still has him wrapped around her little finger. They share a special bond, including a love of reading history. Amy recently borrowed about 6 of his big thick hardcover historical biographies to read.

The last 3 were taken recently and reflect a few of the things that Terry loves. The sand dunes and waterfalls were in Oregon. Did you know that there are sand dunes in Oregon? I didn’t until our vacation a few years ago. It was part of our adventure.

We both love to travel and Terry is the one who usually does all the research about the places that we’re going. True story – He often brings a historical book to read that’s about the area we’re visiting. Last year when we went to Boston and New England he was reading Paul Revere’s biography. Kinda nerdy, but sweet.

And last but not least, the other love of his life…playing music. That is what he lives and breathes and what God created him for. He gets so excited every time he has the chance to pick up a stringed instrument or a harmonica or if he had more time to play around, I’m sure there’d be other instruments on the shelf too. Whether he’s playing in the living room with friends, or on stage somewhere, all of our lives are more rich and full because Terry shares this gift with us. This is a picture of him with his beloved ukulele, oh, I mean mandolin (some of you will get that joke).

I’m so thankful that God placed him on the earth 54 years ago and allowed us to meet in the 70’s and share life together these past 30+years. I look forward to sharing the next 30 or more with him too…as long as the Lord allows us to remain on the earth.

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  1. Love it! I wish I could blog as well as you do!It’s funny…we have to savor the tender moments Kassidy gives us because they’re few and far between, kinda like Amy’s were!And we visited the Oregon sand dunes a few years ago too and were amazed! We’d love to go back soon.


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