Happy Mother’s Day to all!
We’re having a busy weekend so I’ll have lots of pics to post as the week goes along, but wanted to wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day.

As is the custom in our home, I woke up to a delicious breakfast of steak, eggs, toast, fresh fruit, juice and coffee. Before today, I asked Terry to cut back on the size of the meal because I can never finish it. So he didn’t make hash browns. 🙂

Notice that Shredder is sitting in my chair. We were debating about whether she thought it was HER Mother’s Day breakfast or she was guarding it until I was ready to sit down. In any case, she moved over to her own chair and I gave her a few treats since she is a mother too after all.

I love my gifts too! I got hydrangeas which are my favorite flower in the whole world. I wish they would grow here. Does anyone have any tips on keeping them alive in the desert? I also got dark chocolate, mmmmm. And although we don’t normally do “real gifts” on Mother’s Day, Terry got me a gift card for Christopher & Banks. What an amazing husband I have! He spoils me rotten.

Kevin just emailed a bit ago to say that the phones at the base are all backed up so he’ll have to call later. It was good to hear from him and we’ll look forward to talking to him soon. Amy just called and we got to visit a little too. I love my kids and am privileged to call them mine.

So we’re off to Hope & Steve’s for the Perkins family Mother’s Day gathering. Of course, I’ll have more pics from that gathering too, so watch for more to come soon…

Enjoy your day moms and pamper your wives and mothers, guys.

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