Some of my favorite people!
A week ago (Friday) we were privileged to have a few old friends over at the house to do some reminiscing and catching up. Several of them were former members of Glory Road, the band that Terry was in when he we younger. Greg Williams was in town from northern California visiting his new grandbaby, so we tried to get a few other folks together to see him. Rob & Toni Brunner, and Bernie & Kayelen Rolfe came by. And Dave & Kathrin Argentati drove up from Tucson. Sadly, another Glory Road member, John Heath wasn’t able to come because he was at band practice for his current band. We missed him and others too.

We enjoyed a simple dinner, then while catching up on the latest news, we found out that Dave was chosen as a finalist for the TKMA Songwriting Contest and will be playing two original songs at the Tucson Folk Festival on May 2nd. We asked him to play the songs and thankfully he obliged. As expected, they were wonderful and Kathrin sang along with him, which was an added treat. The other nice thing about Dave playing the songs was that it got the guys started playing music.

Over the next few minutes, Terry kept going back to get more instruments and soon there was an instrument in each of their hands. For those who are observant, try to count how many different instruments they played. (They were all Terry’s.) The cool thing was that they kept taking turns playing different ones.
They sang such a wide range of material, including several originals written by the guys and some old Glory Road and even Shira songs. They also played songs by James Taylor, the Eagles, the Band, and many others. It was such a blast!! Everyone was singing and jamming and having an amazing time. They kept it up until almost 2 a.m.! It made me feel young again.

I had fun singing along and taking pictures. I even dug out the video camera and taped a song or two. If anyone can tell me how to transfer an 8 mm videotape over to a computer file, I’d be happy to post the songs. I don’t know if I’d need more software or anything, but let me know if you know how to do it.

What a huge blessing it was to be able to share this night with such precious friends. It was so much fun to see the joy in their eyes and hear the laughter of a lifetime of friendships.

Even though some of them are in other cities, these are the kinds of friends that just take up right where they left off the last time we were together.

What a gift that night was!!!

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  2. What a special night!Nothing better than reconnecting with old friends and reflecting on the past and seeing how far God has taken us in the journey of life.He is so faithful!


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