Interior Design Color Trends…it’s fun to be ahead of the curve.

Check out this cool website for Colour Lovers! I do love color!

This link shows one of the latest trends in interior design colors. Green and White!

I’ve had those colors in my kitchen for a couple of years and have been adding more as I grow more in love with it. Here are a few pics from my kitchen below.

If I could afford it, I’d change the colors in my house nearly every season. I try to keep neutrals for the permanent areas like walls, floors, etc. so I can have as much flexibility as possible to change colors around. My biggest hurdle right now is my red (Pottery Barn) sofa that I bought at a yard sale before we moved in to the house. The sofa itself was a great price and is an awesome piece, in a slipcovered style. I thought I’d be able to buy more slipcovers for flexibility, but it turns out the slipcovers cost more than I’d normally pay for a new sofa, so that hasn’t been in the budget. I don’t really prefer those really loose slipcovers with no definition, but I was glad to see recently that Pottery Barn has come out with a more tailored slipcover that’s not as expensive as the standard ones. They’re still over $100, but I hope to be able to get one of those in a neutral maybe sometime this year. Then I can go crazy with my accent colors any time I want and look for inexpensive pillows, and decor on clearance and at yard sales, etc. That would be so much fun for me!

By the way, I bought this green & white tray and bowl at Target (on clearance) for a total price of $6. Cool thing is that I can use it for decor, and also for serving pieces.

I just used it last night, in fact. I’ll be posting later about our get together with some old friends. Suffice it to say for now that there was much singing and music. There were 3 guitars, a banjo, a mandolin and harmonicas (all Terry’s) until nearly 2 am! What a blast we all had! I love it when lifetime musicians get together and jam. You can just see the joy that comes thru in their hands and voices. This is what God created them to do and they are in “heaven”! Imagine what heaven will really be like with all those amazing musicians there! WOW!!! Can’t wait.

Our house is almost finished being painted too! It turned out a little lighter than I expected but it’s growing on me. We also repurposed an old french door to be a gate to our little atrium.

More to come on all this…

Have an AWESOME EASTER!!! Filled with the love of family and friends and the joy that comes from knowing that God loves you more than life itself! Ponder for a few minutes how that can even be possible…because it is!

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