Happy 27th birthday – Amy Teegan!!

Amy, I know that you’re leaving on your birthday to travel to London, so I decided to post this a day early so that you could see it before you go.

I’m so excited for the new adventures that you get to experience this year. London and Italy in the same year. Wow! I’m jealous, but can’t wait to hear the stories and see the pictures.

But today our focus is you and the special woman that you are.

On the day you were born (two weeks after your due date), I got just a quick glimpse of you, then Dad was led into the nursery to watch the nurses clean you up and check your stats. For some reason you didn’t look anything like l expected, but since Dad was with you, I knew you were ours. I remember that beautiful round little face. You were perfect in every way. 8 lbs, 8.5 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Always a quiet and happy baby that slept a lot and was easy to care for. You made my transition into motherhood very easy. I took you everywhere and you were content wherever you were.
Originally I was concerned with having a girl first, because I thought Dad would be afraid to interact with you. But actually (as God knew) it worked just the opposite way. It was love at first sight! Since you were his only child (at the time), he learned to care for you, play with you and enjoy you splendidly. There were times when he was better at putting you to bed than I was, because I was working in the evenings (as a waitress at Coco’s) and he was home with you more at that time of day. You were Daddy’s girl and you have always had him wrapped around your little finger.

Of course, being the first grandchild on Dad’s side and the first girl born to his family in 3 generations, you were quite the center of attention. Your 4 grandparents and dozen or so aunts and uncles couldn’t wait to play with you!

I included the picture of you, Kevin and Uncle Ted to give an idea of how excited Ted & Kristi were when you were born. They used to bring me pickles and ice cream every week while I was pregnant with you. They were your biggest fans and your chief babysitters and have some great stories to tell. We loved having them nearby and I’m so glad that they live so close to you now so you can still spend time together.

In looking thru some of our old pictures, I had a hard time choosing just a few to post. There are so many that bring a smile to my face. These are just a few that are windows into your personality.

Everyone who knows you knows that you have ALWAYS loved to read! I know I have a picture of you in diapers looking at a book, but we’ll just have to post this one from a few years ago. It’s a good thing your grandmother worked for a bookstore.

I love that you are creative. Someday I’ll have to get out the drawings you did in your early childhood and post them. The amount of beauty & detail was amazing! Now you use that same creativity in your photography and it shows. And look at the concentration you had hanging tinsel on the tree, just like Grandma Irish taught you…one piece at a time.

While you were somewhat cautious, you still loved to try new things and were never afraid to pursue a new adventure…like sledding without a sled!

You have always been independent. When I saw what you were wearing in some of these photos, I wondered why I had dressed you that way. But then I realized that from a VERY young age, you wanted to choose your own clothes and I let you, so I can’t take the “credit” for those lovely outfits. The good news is that you don’t feel the need to follow the crowd in anything. You take the time to think things thru and make decisions on your own and don’t worry about what others think about your choices.

I am still in awe the way God blessed you in singing and acting. Those are things that I love to watch and you do them so well. Thanks for those years of using those gifts to bring joy to others. I hope someday you share them again.
I love the way you love children and animals too. I know that someday you’ll be an amazing mom.

I am so proud of the way that you look straight to the heart and choose your friends wisely.

In that same way, you fell in love with Andrew. You knew that he had a heart full of love and kindness. Who else would make a scrapbook page for your proposal! Dad and I are so glad you two are together forever.

God has filled you with beauty and gifted you in so many ways. I truly believe that with the Lord’s guidance, you can do anything that you dream of doing and I look forward to seeing where He leads you.

Have an absolutely fantastic birthday my precious daughter, and a year filled with the joy and love of your family and friends.

7 thoughts on “Happy 27th birthday – Amy Teegan!!

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  2. Pingback: Happy 29th Birthday Teegan! « Down the Road and Back Again

  3. Although you know I abhor pictures of myself…I have to acknowledge that this one brought a smile (and perhaps a little tear) to my face. AMY AND KEVIN WERE JUST SO DARN CUTE!!!!! Nothing against them now, but I want a version of them as little ones to play with again. And I laughed at the pickles and ice cream – good times! Who can believe it was over 27 years ago?T


  4. These are the sweetest pics of Amy. Love the one of her holding that baby. (who is the baby?)Precious memories Nancy. We are blessed to be Mom’s to such lovely young ladies.And to think, they are together, this very moment, IN LONDON!!! Whoda thunk it!


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