Follow up on the last post:

Just a couple of responses to the comments on the last post. Thanks for those who read my blog. I guess sometimes I just get insecure and you know me, I love a good conversation so the comments really motivate me to do more.

Re: the philosophy of touch up vs. not touching up a photo. Here’s what I read in a photo magazine that kind of made sense to me. If you make slight changes in a portrait especially of a significant event in your client’s life, (nothing extreme, just things like removing a blemish, evening out skin tones, removing stray hairs that might be in the wrong place, taking a few unsightly bulges off here and there) your subjects will feel beautiful when they look at your photos of them. They will see the most complimentary photo possible and will then want to have you do more photos of them and their families in the future. Plus, those who see their photos will feel the same way and want you to also do photos for them. As long as the changes aren’t extreme, it feels to me like you’re just putting together everything in the photo as if it was the perfect shot. These are pictures that people will be looking at for generations and you want them to be represented in the best possible way, but still represent who they really are (on their best day). Of course, you wouldn’t do these kinds of edits on every photo. Just a few of the significant ones that could be hung on walls, etc.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. the ONLY thing I would fix in photoshop is something … not-permanent. Like a facial blemish, or a piece of hair poking out the wrong way. And then only if they’re going to pay me exorbitantly for the print.


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