Am I alone?

No comments on the last 3 posts. I’m beginning to wonder if I’m writing this just for myself or maybe it’s just that my content isn’t interesting. Let me know. Of course, Ginny tells me that she reads it to Terry’s dad, but she doesn’t comment, so I guess there’s one person out there reading sometimes.

My crazy busy weeks are starting to settle down and hopefully I’ll catch up on posts soon. Of course, I’m a social person, so may need a little confirmation that I have at least a small audience out there.

Linda, I’ll try to get the Mozingo ones posted soon for you.

Fun news! I’ve started taking a Photoshop Elements (non-credit) class thru Scottsdale Community a few hours a week. My work is paying for me to go during work hours as long as I go back and teach it to two of my bosses, which will give me good practice anyway.

It was not a good sign that I was probably the youngest person in the class and it moved pretty slow with the “older” folks trying to follow along on their computers. But it appears that the teacher knows a thing or two at least about the technical aspects of Photoshop Elements. I looked at his website (here) and overall it’s pretty average. He’s quite a traditional portrait photographer, but hopefully has good knowledge of Elements tools.

My main goal is to get familiar with the various tools and how they work, so I’m hoping this will help.

The first class was excrutiating in pace, but hopefully they’ll get that under control in the coming classes. After the overview and intros, etc. the teacher showed us a few quick processes that were pretty cool. Amy, he had some tips on making people look better in portraits, which was great! Things like fixing someone’s eye that was half closed, doing a little nip and tuck with the extra bit of fat along the jaw line or waist line, enhancing color in the sky when it looks too washed out. You may already know all of these, but if you ever want to hear what I found out, let me know. There might be some tips that you haven’t learned yet.

The assistant in the class is Diana Gunning. I looked at her site and she has some interesting photos in her “Pets” & “Cards” categories. Some cute, some strange, some a bit disturbing…especially the ones of the tarantula. Really! I do like some of her photos in the “Artwork” section. These are more representative of some of the creative things you can do with photos, hopefully with Elements.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this class and an upcoming full day Nikon class in February. I get really excited when I have time to play with my photos and do creative things with them.

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  1. PS-I’m with Amy on the whole photoshopping thing. Good to learn, I guess, and things like eyes half-closed would be handy to fix, but it sort of feels like lying (slimming down people, etc.) Just my thoughts 🙂


  2. I read your blog every day 🙂 But my internet access is at work, so I don’t always have time to comment. That’s no excuse, but I’ll try to start commenting more.GO CARDINALS!!!!!!


  3. I don’t really believe in doing photoshopping like that … making people thinner and things. Ex: You probably should wear a strapless wedding dress if you’re just going to ask the photographer to photoshop out your back fat.I suppose I should learn how to do it though … just in case.


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