And we are going to the game on Sunday!!!

I have 9 drafts of various posts still to complete but this one had to rise to the top of the pile because I’m VERY EXCITED about it!

For those of you who don’t watch pro football, you may not be aware that this seems to be a year of upsets in the playoffs. Our underdog AZ Cardinals beat the odds yesterday by winning against the Carolina Panthers on the East Coast where they hadn’t won all year. And today the Philadelphia Eagles beat the top-seeded NY Giants, so they’re coming to Glendale to play the NFC Championship game on our home field.

We have never been to any AZ Cardinals’ games since we moved back nearly 5 years ago. In fact, the last time we EVER went to a pro football game was on our honeymoon in December 1977, when we saw the LA Rams play the Atlanta Falcons. (I know, I know, what an awesome wife I must be to go to a football game on my honeymoon 😉

Anyway, it’s been a long stretch in between, BUT Terry and I decided that this is probably a once in a lifetime chance to go to a playoff game and watch the Cards, so we took a huge gamble and Terry got online at 2:59 pm today (for the 3 pm sale) and bought 8 tickets in the end zone – row 17. Andy and Julie are buying 2 of the tickets and we’re in touch with a few other friends to see if they want to buy the other 4. We’re really looking forward to an amazing time with a tailgate party and all!!!

The good news is that the game sold out in SIX MINUTES and we have 8 of those seats. So, if we don’t sell the tix to friends, we’ll put them on the ticket exchange where our area is selling for about triple what we paid for them. Woohoo! Of course, Terry’s still worried that we won’t be able to sell them, but he worries about all that kind of stuff. I’m sure we’ll be fine.

By the way, did you catch the article about Kurt Warner and his faith in the AZ Republic this week? What a cool guy! Definitely someone that worth cheering for.

So if you’re going to watch the game on Sunday keep an eye out for us in the end zone, row 17. We’ll probably be wearing Cardinal red like everyone else. LOL If you miss it you’ll be able to catch my recap with photos and all right here soon afterward.

Another amazing bit of trivia…if they win they’re going to the SUPER BOWL! That’s unbelievable.


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