Christmas Sunday 2009

As mentioned before, we waited to do our Christmas until Amy & Andrew were there on the weekend.

Notice Shredder in one of her favorite sunny spots. Her tail kept knocking down the trees on the window sill. She’s so funny and oblivious.

Terry and I opened our Christmas Eve PJs and ornaments on Weds, but stockings and the rest of the gifts waited until Sunday. This is me in my new soft flannel pajamas, not too heavy so I can wear them longer in the year.

Amy & Andrew opened their Christmas Eve gifts on Saturday afternoon. This is Andrew’s pirate ship ornament. He really likes pirates! Amy posted a pic of the camera ornament that we gave her on her Teegan Photography blog here.

Here’s also a photo of Amy’s new pj’s and some new socks that Andrew’s mom gave her. Doesn’t she look cute and comfy? Then she’s modeling her green cardigan from Julie, her mother-in-law and her red slippers. Classic Christmas colors!

Kevin called on Sunday and we gave Amy most of the time to talk to him, since she hadn’t spoken with him in quite a while. She was excited to get to spend some time with her brother. We had time to talk to him on Christmas day, so we were happy to share. It was sad not to have him here, but at least we got to hear his voice and catch up a little with him. More to come about him in another post. We did find out that he’s in Afghanistan now, and not Iraq. We miss him!

I thought I’d show you an example of one of the tags that Terry wrote. He started the tradition of the creative gift tags and Kevin and the others have carried on the tradition. There are some standards that I always get, from Terry like: To Lady, From the Tramp, or he’ll write the name of the artist on a CD like: To Nancy, from James (on a James Taylor CD). So it’s always fun to try to guess what’s inside based on the tag. Kevin’s tags are much more random and unpredictable, but lots of fun too.

Terry was fortunate to find out that he gets a $400 reimbursement from his employer each year for any money he spends on fitness related expenses. Could be things like gym membership, exercise classes, even Wii Fit. This year he chose to buy himself 2 new golf clubs, so they were like Christmas presents, but we got reimbursed for them. Cool huh? Now he just needs to get out there and actually golf. Note how close his club is to the overhead light. Fortunately he didn’t break anything.

We all got great gifts! Way too many to list here. I especially like my digital picture frame and can’t wait to get pictures loaded and take it to work. I also like the book on how to use exposure in photography. I’ve started reading it and have signed up for an official Nikon 1-day photography class that’s coming to town. I also got permission to attend a class on Adobe Photoshop Elements during work time, since I can use that for some of my projects at work. I’m very excited about learning and using my photography more for gifts, projects, etc. this year!

Later in the afternoon I tried a new recipe for a seafood chowder that turned out pretty well. We served it in bread bowls with a green salad on the side. Mmmmm I’ll post pictures on this later.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Sunday 2009

  1. I love the picture of you and Terry. Very cute. Also, the one of Amy and Andrew acting silly. I always enjoy your pictures. You are a good photographer and I like visiting your blog.


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