White House Week:

We have been watching a week’s worth of multi-hour shows that were on C-Span a few weeks ago all about the history of the White House.

We had a chance to tour the White House up close and personal when we were there about 10 years ago. I’d love to go back to DC any time and spend a lot more time there. It’s an amazing place.

Wathcing these documentaries has been so interesting to learn about all the physical changes in the White House over the years, the inside story of the rooms, how things work there and all the wonderful historical artifacts that are accumulated and even used on a daily basis there.

We saw interviews with people who work in the White House flower shop, chocolate shop, pastry shop as well as several of the Chief Ushers, who basically run everything behind the scenes there. I find it so interesting and would love to hear more stories from the staff about daily life.

One position there would be just perfect for Kevin. It’s the position of White House Military Social Aide. Social Aides serve as an extension of the President and First Lady in their roles as official host and hostess of the United States. They help to ensure guests have an enjoyable experience at the White House by assisting with introductions to the President and First Lady during receiving lines, the guests’ seating, and the overall flow of events. The program averages 40 Social Aides from all five military services. Basically it’s a person that assists any guests that come to the White House and just helps them to feel comfortable. They answer questions, ask questions to help relax the guests. Kevin is so good at making friends with anyone that I think he would have a blast doing this. Imagine the people he would get to meet! Wouldn’t that be cool? Not that he couldn’t do much more challenging positions in the White House, but I think this one might actually be fun for him.

We also just watched a 2 hour show about the Lincoln White House and a Q & A afterward with the author of 31 books about Abraham Lincoln, Harold Holzer. Can you imagine writing 31 books about one person who lived long before you were born? Wow! Talk about a lot of research. Now there’s a reading list for you.

There are things about good ole Abe that remind me of my dad. He was also quite tall and thin and I imagine Abe with similar mannerisms. Kind of quiet, but intimidating with his strong silence and careful choice of words. What an amazing man Mr. Lincoln was! He overcame all kinds of adversity, educating himself and becoming one of the most important men in the history of our country. What an inspiration!

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