Note from Sharon in Kuwait (Part 4)

Laying in bed one morning, peacefully sleeping in my pod/cell/closet and I hear the camp-wide loud speaker screaming…
“Wha, Whaw, WHAW”
“Put on your gas masks. Put on your protective gear.”
“Put on Your Gas Mask! Put on Your Protective gear!”

While I am stumbling and fumbling around my pod wondering who is screaming at me and why and where the hell is my gas mask and gear. Wondering if I am dreaming and thinking it may have been a good idea to take the gas mask out of the box and try it on previous to this
insanity. My heart begins to beat a bit faster and I am now fully awake.

The next voice I hear says, “This is an exercise. This is only an exercise.”

What a rude awakening! I cuss to myself and go back to bed. I return to my sleep thinking about what kind of crazy life I got myself mixed up in this time.

More posts about her adventures here.

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