Delayed Christmas Eve – Saturday
Note: some of these photos were taken on Amy’s camera, (mostly by her) but the ones of her and Andrew and a few others were taken by me.

We had a great time with them this weekend! They got here early afternoon Saturday and left around 5 am on Monday morning. We were so thankful that they took the time to come to Phoenix to see us in their busy holiday season.

Doesn’t Amy look great! She’s got a new haircut, gorgeous new green cardigan and lost 25 pounds over the last few months! Andrew always looks so cute and is even starting to look older…he is getting close to 30, you know.

Some of our dearest friends (the Thompsons and Thrushes) came by to see us and them on Saturday night. It was a comfortable relaxing evening, just visiting, exchanging a few gifts and catching up after a busy year for all of us. Amy has known these families since she was born. They are like other parents for her, and Andrew has grown to love them as well. Our family is so blessed to have many caring, honest, supportive, encouraging and loving lifetime friends.

Their kids are like children for us too and we cherish the time we have with them all.

Miranda is getting ready to leave for a semester of college near London! We are so excited for her. I wish there was a way to go and visit while she’s there. Amy’s actually hoping to go for a short time to see her, which would be awesome!

Check out the beautiful apothecary jar that the Thompsons gave us!

The oranges are in it just to give you some perspective on the size. Those are good sized oranges (not small ones). I LOVE it and can’t wait to decide what to put in it thru-out the year.

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  1. Hey Nancy, I just saw in todays paper, that they are selling glass ball ornaments at the 99 cent store for 49 cents for a tube! You might want to pick up various colored tubes of balls for your apothecary jar for next Christmas. Let me know if your store doesn’t have a certain color and I will check mine. Just an idea.Love the pics!


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