Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have an amazing holiday, celebrating the birth of our Lord!

Terry, Shredder and I are just relaxing this morning and will soon be wrapping presents…yes, just getting going on the wrapping. Don’t you just love this pic of Terry and Shredder enjoying the Christmas paper together? I think Shredder is a bit put off by the fact that there’s a PUPPY on the cover page! I mean really, what were they thinking?

Our sweet kitty is becoming more and more cuddly as she gets older (and the temperatures go down). Terry reluctantly lets her on his lap when my lap isn’t available. So today we’ll be lounging around most of the day, and also enjoy a special dinner together (just the two of us). We’re hoping for a phone call from Kevin either today or Sunday (or both). We miss having all the kids here, but know that it’s just another season of life that we’re passing thru.

Our “official” Christmas won’t be until Sunday when Amy & Andrew are here. We’ll wait to open the majority of our gifts then.

Terry and I each opened our Christmas Eve gifts last night (pajamas and an ornament). Our Hann tradition is to get at least one ornament each year that relates to an event or interest. This year we got 3 ornaments.

The wooden one with the fruit tree we bought in New Hampshire in October at an artist’s gallery. It reminds us of the gorgeous trees we saw there.

The camera is for me…self explanatory.

The wooden turtle is from Maui. We just bought it there earlier this month and it reminds us of the amazing animals and nature that we saw there.

I thought I’d share an updated photo of my branch as well. I’ve added the Christmas cards, photos and letters that we’ve received this year. It’s so great looking at all those expressions of love and news from our dear friends and family when we walk in the front door. Thank you to all who took time out of their busy schedules to send them. I know that it gets more and more difficult every year to squeeze in all the holiday tasks. I didn’t get a Christmas card or letter out yet this year but I’m seriously hoping to do one via email in the next week or so (since I’m off work).

Have a blessed day, filled with the love of family and friends.

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