West Maui Drive & Dinner

Doesn’t my sweetie look cute in his convertible? Whenever we drive with the car top down, he just keeps saying…”This is so NOT us.” But I think he’s enjoying it anyway. The island breezes and the views are so wonderful. It’s fun.

Yesterday we took a drive up the West coast of Maui. It’s beautiful relatively unspoiled countryside. Here are a few of the sights that we saw.

This stack of rocks was at one of the pulloffs. I don’t know if it has any significance. I just thought it looked cool with the gorgeous blue water in the background.

Next is a natural blowhole near the shore. You can get an idea of scale if you look at the person in pink near it.

Sad news is that when we came up from seeing the blowhole, we discovered that 4 cars had been broken into right there by the road while they were down at the beach. There was shattered glass all over the place from the car windows that were broken and one family was still there on the phone reporting that her purse had been stolen. What a sad thing to happen on vacation and pathetic that people would prey on others when they’re trying to enjoy themselves out in nature.

Fortunately, we had our convertible top down and had removed everything valuable, so they didn’t do anything to our car.
Last night we went out to the Sansei Seafood Restaurant.
We’ve heard they have great sushi. I’m not a raw fish fan, but Terry and some of the others in our group like it. Besides they also have other seafood options too. It was an amazing meal. I only got a few food photo ops because everyone started eating right when the dishes came because they looked so delicious. We had several of their award winning appetizers.
This was Terry’s dinner. The crispy nest on top was filled with a tasty seafood cake that we also had as an appetizer. Underneath was a big serving of Ahi and rice. Mmmmm

Take a look at their site thru the link above and see how creative they get with their dishes.

And below are pictures of the moon in the morning (Terry took this one), then the moon last night behind the palm branches.

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  1. Happy belated anniversary! (But I’m confused: I was there at the actual wedding…but I’m only 29…so you must have the number of years wrong…) Looks like you’re having a great time, but I have to say that it’s a bit disconcerting to me that you have the know-how to actually be blogging and posting pictures while in Hawaii! What is the world coming to? It’s moving too fast for this 29 year old!


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