News from Maui
So we’re in Maui now. As you can see I had time this morning to change my background. Today and tomorrow are free days for us to do whatever we want. There’s so much more to post about, even though we’ve only been here since Thursday night. I won’t be able to catch up on my sister in Kuwait until we get back because her last few emails are on my computer at home and once they’re downloaded there, I can’t get to them from here.

I have some pics of Christmas decorating at home and at my sister, Diane’s for her birthday celebration with her grandkids and others. There are a few cute ones of the kids…I’ll get to those at some point. I’ll try to post some of my home decorating on the 15th for the Christmas Tour of Homes (at right). I’m sure mine will be minimal compared to others there, but it will be fun anyway. Linda, you should do it too.
I was also trying to do “Journal your Christmas” posts along with Amy, but we’ll see if time allows for that. I have a few started, but it will just depend. It seems kinda crazy to be sitting in the room doing this when it is absolutely gorgeous outside and so far, I haven’t found a wireless connection at the beach or the resort. I am a little stuffed up since yesterday and and I haven’t figured out yet if it’s a cold or allergies. So far not too big a deal. Just pray that it doesn’t get worse and that it goes away VERY soon! Fortunately colds don’t usually last long with me, but I know there have been some mean ones going around.

In the interest of time, here’s a very brief summary of our group activities so far. As we go along this week, I’ll also introduce you to the couples that we’re traveling with.

When we got off the plane from Phoenix, our hosts, Steve & Barbara (pictured below) greeted us with welcome lei’s at the airport. The large flower pictured is actually not real, but looks like it. It’s attached to a hair clip, so I can wear it again and again.

Thursday night was just getting settled in.

Friday morning, we left for the heliport at 6:15 am (9:15 AZ time).

Left the heliport in 2 luxury vans for the Tempation Tours 5 hour drive (including stops) down the road to Hana. We drove along amazing coastline, thru rainforests, and beside gorgeous streams and waterfalls.

We saw hundreds of flowers, including 6 foot high poinsettia’s growing in someone’s yard. I’ve never seen that before!

Some brave folks from our party went swimming in this freshwater swimming hole at the base of a waterfall. It was pretty cold so we didn’t go in.

Our leisurely drive ended at a beach in Hana for a wonderful lunch of chicken, mahi, rice, fresh pineapple, caesar salad and macadamia nut cookies.

After lunch we were taken to another heliport in Hana to catch the helicopter for our 35 minute flight back with a few detours to see some amazing waterfalls, coastline, etc.

We came home, freshened up then joined the group for sushi and an amazing dinner at the Hyatt hotel next door overlooking the beach.

Steve & Barbara treated us to all of this on the first day! They are such a dear and generous couple. What a blessing to be working for them and not only because they are taking us on a trip like this! They are so kind, encouraging and giving of themselves in so many ways. I love that I get to help them and help the non-profit ministries in the office too.

The background on this picture is the view that we saw from our dining spot on the patio. The ocean is right there!
O.k., as I said, I need to get going. We need to go to the store to buy some food for the meals that we’ll have at home during the week.

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