Journal Your Christmas – Day 3 – First Christmas as a Married Couple

Our first Christmas together was very unique. We were married in Phoenix on December 9th, 1977 at Trinity Bible Church with a huge Christmas tree at the front of the sanctuary (what a treat!). Our wedding colors were mint green and forest green to tie in with the holiday theme. After the wedding, we stayed at the Pointe Resort for the first night, then we left right away for a 2-week honeymoon in Southern California. We knew that our families had been stretched from our wedding expenses and gifts, so we didn’t want them to have to think about buying Christmas gifts for us too.

So, after our two weeks away we arrived home from our honeymoon just the day before Christmas to our new apartment filled with the wedding presents that we had received (and not opened). It was so much fun to take our time opening all those wonderful gifts in anticipation of our new life together and we didn’t feel like we missed out on Christmas at all.

How blessed we were as we opened each gift, knowing that each person had lovingly chosen it just for us!


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