Mari & Jason’s Reception – finally!
Sorry gang, I just realized that I never posted pics from the reception that I worked on. Thought you might like to see how it turned out. The bride and groom seemed to be very pleased with the results and the host couple said it was “a magical night”, so I think all in all it was a success.

Here are some photos from set up to close, including the happy couple and the host couple. I wasn’t the official photographer, so I didn’t take too many pics of the people there. I mainly wanted to capture the atmosphere of the night. It was a perfect location, which made things very easy.

As are most wedding receptions these days, this one reflected the bride & groom. We served Norwegian food for Mari, the bride and Mexican food for Jason, the groom. Norwegian Rakfisk was served, since it’s one of Mari’s favorites. If you click to enlarge the photos of the signs, you’ll see the significance of the menu chosen. We even included homemade salsa made by Jason’s mom. Fabulous Food catered the event and did an amazing job. I would definitely use them again.

The dessert island was pretty cool. You can see it here. It has lucite shelves with lights above, so it made all the delicious sweets look really beautiful.

The house was a little hard to find, so we had luminarias lining the way to guide guests down the long driveway.

The Jazz ensemble was excellent. Jason found them and I would recommend them as a great option for music at any event of this kind. The keyboard player put the group together. His name is Ioannis Goudelis and he’s from Greece. You’ll find the music on his site to have a definite Greek influence, but they played really nice traditional soft Jazz for the reception.
The only glitches all night were some temporary tripped breakers, due to the power we were using, but the guests barely noticed anything unusual.
It was a fun time of celebrating with Mari & Jason!

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