POST # 300!!!!


I was already working on a different # 300 post, but since it’s Amy & Andrew’s 3rd wedding anniversary, I thought it best to post about that. I won’t be able to write a lot, because I’m working, but didn’t want to miss the big day! Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of them together.
#1 – (2002?) Amy and Andrew early in their relationship. It’s amazing how young Andrew looks!

#2 – (2003) Amy and Andrew in the snow in Northern AZ. What a cute couple!

#3 – (Early 2005) The day they got engaged. Andrew made her this totally awesome scrap book page that said, “Will you marry me?” and “Say Yes”. He had all the details all planned out and it was such a special day for them. We were so honored that they came over and shared their joy with us that day. (You guys need to write about that before you forget all the details.)

#4 – (Nov 6, 2005) Wedding Day! This was one of the best weddings that I’ve ever been to. So true to the personality of the couple. I still hear comments about what a fun day it was. I love this picture during the ceremony of when Amy was drawing the wedding ring on Andrew’s hand with a Sharpie marker, instead of placing a real ring there. Andrew doesn’t like to wear rings, so he had it tattooed on later. I’m sure many of the attendees were a bit shocked, but it was so perfect for them and such a fun special moment for all of us to share with them.
We truly love these two and miss having them around to play cards with and hang out with. We look forward to every time we get to see them.

Congratulations Amy & Andrew! We love you both, forever.

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