So I guess my posts must be getting pretty boring because the volume of comments has come to a screeching halt. Sad for me…I miss you, my visitors.

These photos are from Pemaquid Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine. We stopped there on the way from Bar Harbor to Portsmouth, NH. It was a gorgeous spot! More to come…

The reception that I’ve been coordinating is coming up this weekend. I’m looking forward to it for several reasons:

  1. It will be the first event where I’ve had a reasonable budget and have not had to do absolutely everything myself, so it should be more relaxing than other events that I’ve coordinated.
  2. We hired a “real” caterer (Fabulous Food) and we’re serving Norwegian food in honor of the bride and Mexican food in honor of the groom. I can’t wait to see how the food is displayed and how it tastes. I’m really hoping to have time to take some pictures.
  3. The hosts are stringing white lights all over the yard and we’ll line the driveway with special luminarias, so it should be quite magical (more photo ops)
  4. The RSVP guest count actually ended up being almost exactly the original target number. We had the potential for double that amount and I was a bit nervous.
  5. Once this event is over, my schedule is wide open with no big activities until our vacation in December, then the holidays. I’m looking forward to being able to concentrate on home, family and friends for the rest of the year. That includes more blogging time as well.

More news!

  • Check out Amy’s news about her photography business. Great things are happening so you’d better book her before her prices go up any more.
  • We had a fun time with Terry’s mom this weekend. I wish she lived closer so we could do more with her.
  • My brother, Pat is back in town from Ohio. That’s a long story. He is looking for a one bedroom apartment or a room to rent so let me know if you hear of anything.
  • Kevin has moved on to the western U.S. for his training. He’s busy, busy – training 7 days a week. Sounds like he’s still on track for going overseas in the next few weeks. I wish we could see him before he goes, but right now it’s not very promising.
  • Our ladies’ bible study meets for the last time next week, then we’ll break for the holidays. We haven’t decided for sure if we’ll continue in the Spring, but it’s looking like a possibility.
  • I’ve committed to organize the food for an upcoming ladies retreat at church at the end of January. I’ve already got some fun ideas, but need to get my budget before I can do any definite planning.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about this reception! How fun!I am SOOO excited you are organizing the food for the January Retreat! You are so good at what you do Nancy!LOVE your pictures. Keep em coming!


  2. I usually read your blog every day, but lately, work’s been really busy…sorry I haven’t commented! I absolutely love the first pic on this post, New England looks really pretty.


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