Today we’re in Bar Harbor, Maine!

No time to post much since we’re heading out to Acadia National Park today. Jay & Sharon said this was one of their favorites last year. We’re finally getting some sun, so looking forward to a gorgeous day.

I can already tell that I want to come back to Maine and stay at least a week…or a summer would be nice too. It’s just as you’d imagine, ocean, streams, islands, boats, trees, gorgeous old houses, quaint little shops, cafes and everything dripping with history.

We’re staying at the Hummingbird Suites. The photos don’t do it justice. It’s so cozy and clean and has every little amenity as if you’re in your own home. A variety of chickens are out back, with a wonderful hammock and an inviting nature trail into the woods. I’ll try to get photos of the chickens. They’re cute.

We had some delicious lobster last night at Poor Boy’s Gourmet. Hoping for more great stuff today. I’ll try to post pics tonight if we get in early enough.

If we were in town longer, we could even take a ferry to Nova Scotia!!!! Can you believe it? That will have to wait until our next trip. Then maybe we could go to Prince Edward Island too. Anyone else want to come with us?

For now, that’s it. We’re heading out for our next big adventure. Oh, and still no moose…

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