Check out these great cards and stuff!!

I stumbled across these really cute cards and magnets in a shop in Breckenridge.

The creator is Leigh from Curly Girl Design and she has a very inspiring collection of products.

She has cards, magnets, prints, t-shirts and even a calendar. You can order her things online and she also has a listing of stores around the country with some in our area, so check it out.

I bought the magnet shown here when we were on our road trip. I could think of many great candidates to receive it, but just wasn’t quite sure who it would be. Last night the light bulb came on. I’m going to give it to my sister, Sharon who is leaving in a week or so for Kuwait to go work for the Red Cross for about 6 months. I can definitely say that it’s her goal to save the world in one way or another. I’m very proud of what she’s doing. I’ll write more about her soon.

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  1. I discovered that Curly Girl site several months and went wild over it!I loved the one that you showed… but there is one that I want to get Miranda, that is darling. Thanks for the reminder to finally order it.


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