Another Drawing, as promised:

So I didn’t hear from the other 2 ladies that won the first drawing, so I put all the remaining names in a hat and had Terry draw two new ones.

The winners are:

Nancy from North Carolina – a retired kindergarten teacher. I’m sure she’ll get good use out of them with her grandchildren and Sunday School teaching. I’ll send her “God Gave Us Heaven”.

Julie – who I’m assuming is Julie Schubert, but I’ll double check. She’ll receive “When God Made My Toes”.

Congratulations ladies!!! I hope you enjoy them.

While I’m on, I thought I’d post this picture of me, Terry and Amy that a friend of ours at ODF found and gave us. He said he thinks it was taken at one of the church Christmas dinners. I’m assuming that it must be around 1983 when I was pregnant with Kevin because Kevin wasn’t with us and I do NOT remember the top or dress that I’m wearing. I guess it must have been one that I borrowed from one of my friends, since there were so many of us with child during those years we traded clothes a lot. I also don’t remember Terry ever wearing a tie to an ODF function, but who knows. Bill still wore a tie in those years, so maybe…

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