Happy Labor Day! I have good and bad news…

The bad news is that I haven’t heard from two of the winners of the children’s book drawing to get their mailing addresses so I can ship their books. Because I don’t have their addresses and there’s no way for me to post a comment to them, I’ll give it another 5 days. Then if I don’t hear from them I’ll draw two more names (that’s the good news)!

The original info about the book drawing is here. If you’re new to the site or just want to be added to those eligible for the new drawing, feel free to comment on this post and I’ll include your name with the original list when I draw again next Saturday, if needed .

Also, I’m trying a new background. What do you think? I need to still search my photos for a better matching banner photo. If you’re interested in a new look, check out the link here or at the top left corner of my blog for this cool site where you can download a background or even find the secret to creating your own. It’s very easy to use one of theirs and doesn’t sound too hard to create your own if you have the time. Have fun and be creative!

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