Breckenridge – A truly memorable and precious third day…

Today mom was feeling better and up for an adventure so we got up, got ready and decided to drive over to Lake Dillon to enjoy the beautiful Colorado outdoors, do some walking or whatever else we could find to do outside.
When we arrived, we parked near the marina and started walking around. We noticed a sign for boat rentals and Sharon got excited about the possibility of going sailing.

You see, amazingly enough, even though we all grew up within a hundred yards or so of the shores of Lake Erie, none of us had ever been sailing. Oh, we’ve been on motor boats, small yachts, dinghies, kayaks and canoes, but never a sail boat. So, after a few minutes Sharon found the guys who rent the boats and captain the little ships that tour around Lake Dillon and set up a 2-hour sailboat tour around the lake.
We met our “Captain” Thom Emrick of Windrider of the Rockies. If you ever get to the Frisco Marina in the summer, be sure to stop in and say hi to him. He won’t be there in the winter since the lake freezes over and he spends those months in the Bahamas. Rough life, huh!
At the beginning, we motored out away from the marina, then Thom hoisted the sails, turned off the engine and we were officially sailing on our way. It was so quiet and peaceful. I could have enjoyed a picnic and taken a nap right there. It was a gorgeous day with a cool breeze and just a few clouds.
Thom would be our guide, captain and teacher on our 2-hour tour. What a prince he was! He learned all our names immediately, was helpful, patient, friendly, funny and kind to each of us. He even helped mom feel right at home on the boat. Since Sharon had expressed a desire to learn how to sail, Thom patiently showed her (and the rest of us) the ropes (so to speak). You can tell by the pics of her just how excited she was!
Thom allowed each of us to steer the boat, help a bit and be the “skipper” for a while too. We also enjoyed hearing a little about where he had come from and where he is headed in his life. He’s quite an adventurer and conversationalist and all of us girls were happy to spend a few hours laughing and enjoying the lake with him.
I need to point out that the photo of Thom with his arm around me was after a conversation with all of us girls about the fact the our husbands or boyfriends are not jealous men. Everyone thought it would be funny to take this picture to see if it is really true. Funny huh? I love you, Terry!

After the two hours as we were getting off the boat, the clouds were growing dark and it was beginning to sprinkle, so we timed it perfectly. We had such a special and memorable time! I hope you enjoy the pics, because we enjoyed the day.

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