Relax and rejuvenate…then get busy!
Over a week ago, my friend Julie treated me to the first pedicure of my life at the Nordstrom Spa for my birthday present. Our friend, Sharon was also treated. It was amazing!

It began with relaxing music, a nice cool beverage and our feet lathered up and soaking in a bowl of warm lavender scented water. After a short time we moved into the special pedicure chair that was tilted back so my feet were high up in the air so the “pedicurist” could work on them. I received a warm dry towel over my legs and a chamomile and citrus scented washcloth to lay over my eyes to help me relax. After my lower leg massage and actual pedicure, my feet were dipped in plastic bags filled with warm parafin, then left with the parafin on until it cooled. That’s the photo of my feet with the nail polish on the counter in the background. It looked funny, but felt really awesome. The whole experience was so wonderful and refreshing that I was close to falling asleep several times.
What a special evening to share with two of my dear friends.

After this extra special treatment, I went to work at the AMFM conference for a week. Maybe I should have scheduled the pedicure AFTER the conference…oh well. It was awesome, no matter what.
Now in the next few months things are getting busier with lots of good things. Next week I’ll go to Breckenridge with my mom and sisters for 5 days, a few weeks later Terry and I have a weekend trip out of town, then at the end of September we go to New England for a 2 week vacation!
I’m also starting to lead a ladies’ Bible Study with a friend this fall, which should be fun. And last, but not least, my boss asked if I’d like to plan a wedding reception at their home in October for a former co-worker who’s getting married in Norway. Before I really thought about it, I said yes. I’m having second thoughts on the last one, but I really love to plan events and wanted to help them out. It should be pretty easy because I won’t have much, if any, budget restrictions. Of course, I won’t go crazy, but I won’t have to do quite as much shopping around. So here’s the kicker. The bride is from Norway and the groom is Hispanic so they want to have some Norwegian and Mexican food at the reception. Does anyone know anywhere in the Phoenix area where we can get Norwegian food? I’m told they eat a lot of elk!

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  1. Cool Nancy!I have never heard of Norwegians eating elk! Must be a new thing.I know they love Lefse… which looks very similar to tortillas, only made with mashed potatoes. So it would be kinda cool to serve Lefse and tortillas side-by-side along with several items that could be rolled up in either the lefse and/or the tortillas.I will give you some more ideas when I see you.


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