Our Favorite Thing (today)
I was visiting my friend, Linda’s blog just now and she posted about one of her favorite things in response to a request from Cindy at My Romantic Home. When I read her post I immediately thought of something that I had just been using a few minutes ago that is one of my favorite things in the house.

It’s my green depression glass juicer that belonged to my grandmother. She had a collection of them and when she passed away (at almost 90 years old) my aunts were kind enough to give each of the kids and grandkids one of her juicers and a few of her Christmas ornaments. To give some perspective on how many that is, my grandmother had 11 children that lived to be adults. They all had children of their own, anywhere from 1 to 7 or 8 kids per family…do the math and you’ll see that it was quite a brood that she had.

My Grandma Perkins was one of the few people in my extended family that I consistently spent much time with. In the summers I used to go to her huge fruit and vegetable farm for several weeks at a time to get a change of scenery and hang out with a couple of cousins that were close to my age. It was a wonderful time. Not having to share time and space with my five brothers and sisters in our little home, an amazing farm to roam around on and the chance to see my smart, capable, enterprising, wise and loving grandma take care of the farm and make a living selling produce at her roadside stand each and every day (7 days a week).

Now she was less than 5 feet tall and what you might call “plump” (because she was a great cook and enjoyed good food), but she never sat still for more than a few minutes. Once I heard her say that she got up by 4 am to pick the freshest produce for the day and didn’t usually get to bed until around 11 pm. What dedication! I really don’t know how she did it.

She was an amazing woman and this little green juicer reminds me of her whenever I see it.

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  1. I love your juicer!! It’s even more special because of where it came from. I have only a few things that were my grandmother’s and they are so very special to me also. It is beautiful. Enjoy it and continue to always think of the love your grandmother put into everything she did.


  2. Oh Nancy, I love that story!! I did not know about your beloved juicer. Your precious Grandma is a treasure.What a blessing to have something your Grandma used. She would love knowing how much you cherish those summer memories.


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