A couple of miscellaneous items…

Check out Andrew’s staff listing on the Resonate studio website. Fun huh! Good job, Andrew!

And look at this hysterical site that Kevin found. This guy (I’m assuming it’s a guy because a woman probably wouldn’t subject their cat to these kinds of shenanigans) attached a little camera to his cat’s collar and programmed it to take photos periodically so he could see what the cat was doing. Now they also sell the camera setup for other pet owners. They’ve even received awards for the project!

Actually it’s kind of interesting, especially for an outdoor cat. The photo on the left is a SNAKE! I don’t think I’d want to know that my cat was that close to a snake. Shredder’s photos would be of the end of our bed, the sofa in the family room, the back of the chair in the living room, the cat dish, the cat box and once in a while a roll around on the patio outside or taking a drink from our swimming pool. She leads quite a full life for an old lady.

Don’t forget to comment on my blog from July 16 if you want to be in the drawing for a the free “Love as a way of Life” book.

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