Love as a Way of Life – a new book by Dr. Gary Chapman

I’ve recently had the privilege of reading Gary Chapman’s latest book, “Love as a Way of Life”. Good news is that I have another one of these (hardcover) books to give away as well! You don’t even have to pay shipping. It’s a great addition to any library or even a wonderful gift. I will be drawing one name from everyone who comments on this post over the next week, so please add your name to the list. I’ll be announcing the winner in the evening on Tuesday, July 22nd.

In the book Gary teaches us how to cultivate a lifestyle of love and how doing so leads to satisfaction and success in every area of life.

His emphasis is on the seven characteristics of authentic love: kindness, patience, forgiveness, humility, courtesy, generosity, and honesty. It sounds a little bit like a Boy Scout pledge, but actually many of these principles are not new to our society…they’ve just been lost in our selfish lives somewhere along the line.

At first I thought the author was missing some key elements of love, but there are several times where he mentions affirmation under these various headings, which I believe to be a critical characteristic of showing love. And although he doesn’t use the word too often in the book, his definitions of patience can also be defined as grace in many ways. In one instance, I don’t necessarily agree with part of his outlook on forgiveness, but I’m wondering if it’s just a difference in terminology.

The book also includes self tests, practical ideas for building daily habits of love, and inspiring examples of love’s power to change lives.

Convinced that in a world of constant conflict people desperately need authentic love, Chapman paints a compelling vision of how life can be richer and relationships more satisfying for anyone who practices Love As a Way of Life.

Author’s Bio: Gary Chapman is the author of twenty-five books, including the New York Times bestseller The Five Love Languages, with more than 4 million copies in print. His daily radio program, A Love Language Minute, is broadcast on more than 100 stations nationwide. Chapman, a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Wheaton College, Wake-Forest University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, serves on the pastoral staff at Calvary Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

Don’t forget to add your comment below for a chance to win your own copy of this book. (over a $15 value if you include the shipping.) I will be drawing the name in the evening on Tuesday, July 22nd. If you don’t want to wait for the drawing, or need more than one copy, you can order it here.

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  1. I want it! I loved the principle of the 5 love languages and this book sounds awesome. I know each of those love characteristics is so essential for me to practice in my new role as mommy!


  2. Hey Nancy! I love the new pic that Amy took. I’m still accustomed to that long, long hair from days of yore, but you still look gorgeous! Everything is still going wonderfully on the show. We were nominated for an Emmy, so I got to walk the red carpet and rub elbows with the big shots. I had a nice conversation with Christopher Lloyd and with Steve Irwin’s daughter, Mindi (Jungle Girl). Unfortunately, The View won. I’m off to Atlanta and Orlando next week, then a few weeks later, Des Moines. No rest for the weary. Drop me a line every now and again!


  3. Nancy: Congrats on the big 5-0! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful time. I trust this decade will be a fabulous time in life–my new decade starts in November, so I hope for the same. All is well here. Russ just came back a few weeks ago from 2.5 months of adventure in India. Check his blog at The new Chapman book sounds like a quality read, so once I win your drawing, I’ll find out! Say hi to Terry and the kids from Becky and I.


  4. Wow, Nancy! What anamazing birthday extravaganza! I just got caught up on your b-day blogs. You are certainly a lucky woman! We send birthday wishes your way from MN, where the kids and I are for the month of July. Miss you much. The book looks great, I’m sure it would be challenging.


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