Let the celebrating begin!
O.k. let’s get it out right now. I’m going to be 50 on July 7th. Sure, when you say it out loud it sounds pretty old, but these days I could just be halfway thru my life, so how can that be old? And I just can’t imagine how anyone can be depressed when they have a birthday. It’s a celebration of you and your life for Pete’s sake. I am so blessed with a wonderful family, good health, amazing friends, a great job and a God who showers me with love and everything that I could ever ask for. How can I possibly justify being depressed?

You’re probably wondering why I’m talking about my birthday already. Well it just so happens that one of my most cherished friends in all the world also turned 50 yesterday, so a small group of our friends (of over 30 years) got together to celebrate with us. Andy & Julie (pictured separately) hosted the affair at their home. We were greeted with a beautifully set table with china and all, plus a gorgeous bouquet of purple and white flowers to make the setting complete. They (with a little help from Rand) made an AMAZING beef tenderloin that was as tender as butter with all the trimmings. No lie, it was absolutely delicious! Terry and I discussed the fact that it tasted like something we had at the (5 star) Four Seasons resort last year that cost over $100 a plate. It was THAT good! It was followed by a delicious dessert with angel food cake, fresh berries and wonderful fresh fruit sorbet. Mmmmm…

After dinner Sharon and I got to open presents. That’s always fun. You’ll see some of them in the photo below. A perfect glass topped side table that I’ll probably use in the family room, as well as blue placemats, napkins and a pitcher. Julie gave us a gift certificate for time at the spa to be pampered together. Linda also promised to sew me a thread catcher like the one Sharon is holding and I get to choose the coordinating fabric. All just perfect gifts from friends who know me so well.

Oh by the way, the sunflower photo above was on the front of my card from Sharon and she took the picture herself. Doesn’t it look like a professional took that picture? The blue in the sky and the flower is flawless. That was growing in their back yard. Cool huh?

And the whole night we enjoyed such good conversation with our dear dear friends.

So that’s just the beginning of my birthday week. On Wednesday we’ll celebrate with a few other co-workers that have birthdays in July and next weekend, I’m not sure what we’re doing. Terry won’t tell me. I’m just keeping it open for whatever happens. So far, it couldn’t be better. I feel so loved and blessed to be surrounded by precious people who fill my life with so much joy.

What more could I possibly ask for? We serve an awesome God!

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  1. What a memorable evening with our dearest, bestest friends ever! And what a blessing to have it all captured in the sweetest of images.Oh Nancy, that table looks cuter than I remembered it to be. I actually bought it a while ago. You will have fun moving it around your lovely home till you find just the right stop.


  2. Happy Birthday to you and your dear friend! I turned the big 5-0 too and you know what, I’m grateful for my life at 50 and for the fact that I feel 40, not 50. So many people have medical issues and have a hard time in life, yet I feel better than ever. As you beautifully stated, we are blessed!Hope this year brings you much much joy and happiness. Take care!


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