In Honor of Amber joining the Hann Family:
These are just a few shots from our Hann family time together this weekend. It was awesome to have Terry’s youngest sister Julie there, so we had all the immediate Hann family together for the first time in probably 15 years at Jeremiah’s wedding. On Saturday, all were there except Tim & Kim…we missed them! Carole even stayed for most of the afternoon. It was a great time and, as usual there were lots of laughs as a result.

To keep you all in the loop, in case the reference comes up in the future, Terry’s dad (Terry) was talking about his funeral and accidentally said the word urine instead of urn, so there was quite a lengthy conversation about his 5 sons having to pee on his grave. I won’t go into the details, but suffice it to say that there may have been a new tradition born. (although I hope not)

We also had a full discussion about the “toilet paper rule” of whether the paper should come out over or under the roll. Of course, we all know that “over” is the proper way. And if you really want to get fancy you’ll fold the corners into a point at the end (like the hotels do). Because of this, I was trying to help Terry remember that “over” was correct by telling him to associate it with the song, “Somewhere OVER the Rainbow”. So while we were playing Traveling Pictionary, the clue going around was “”Somewhere over the Rainbow”. Trying to be clever, Terry decided to draw a great picture of a roll of toilet paper going “over” the roll. Spencer was next in line and because he has the mind of a true Hann, what did he write when he saw the toilet paper? “Somewhere over the rainbow”!!! Can you believe it? It was hilarious. I wish I would have kept those two papers.

Most of the younger ones spent some time in the pool cooling off in the afternoon(since it was 113 or so). Notice that Courtney has 3 (out of the 4) water guns, but there’s a ball coming at her and she’s falling out of the tube. She told Terry when she came in, “You don’t know what it feels like to have your little brothers picking on you.” Ha Ha! Interesting statement since he’s the oldest of the six kids.

Spencer, Tom and Terry did a little jamming on Terry’s instruments. Spencer even got to play the Martin and did a wonderful job! Terry’s dad also joined in. You can tell by the positioning of the guitar that he doesn’t know a lot about playing. Terry just kept telling him to keep his fingers 3 inches away from the strings. so he wouldn’t ruin the song.

Somehow this weekend reminded me all the more how quickly our kids are growing up. Jeremiah got married, Spencer and Matthew’s voices are getting lower and their shoulders are getting broader and Daniel and Tessa were dancing a slow dance at the reception. Lucas played Traveling Pictionary with us with no trouble and Courtney was just a gorgeous young lady that made her dad very protective. We are so blessed to have such a fun family to spend our time with. We all are very different from each other, but it’s such a joy to be able to set aside any different points of view and just enjoy each other’s company.

It was an awesome weekend!

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  1. Great pix and great narration, Nancy – THANKS! But I will take exception to your characterization of Courtney as “gorgeous”. Sadly, she’s an ugly little thing that no boy will ever date. But I believe it’s important that she ACCEPT that fact, and not hope for more.


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