This is the post from one of the organizations that I work for:

Greater Reach Ministries: (check their blog for future news)

Lives changed. Hearts blessed. Believers encouraged…

…as we travelled to the country of Jordan, a Muslim country known for its hospitality, biblical sites, and Petra. We conducted three seminars in three different communities over a two week period in mid-May.
· Greater Reach Ministries taught seminars for at least five different church denominations: Baptist, Nazarene, Evangelical Free, Pentecostal, and Alliance
· Topics covered: conflict resolution, communication, developing intimacy in marriage, motivation, seasons of a woman’s/man’s life, stress management
· Seminars presented in three different cities to 100’s of people
· Amman, Husn, and Zarqa were conference targets.

A sampling of comments from those who attended these meetings:
o “This is the first time we have ever learned how to grow deep in our marriage and the first time these topics have ever been taught in our church! Thank you!”
o “The stress management session helped me to realize that I do have a lot of different things causing stress, and it’s not always my spouse’s fault. I am sorry for blaming him for everything”
o “This has changed my life!”
o One husband said, “I realize I have been too selfish. I will start now to be more selfless, even saying yes now to a small request my wife made which I had said no to before.”
o Another woman said, “This conference was life-changing. My husband and I have made a commitment to change our life-style. The time here has shown me that we need to spend time together to develop our spiritual intimacy as a couple.”

Goals Reached:
· The goal of uplifting women in the Middle East, who are
limited in many ways and not as respected as men, was
achieved. Women and men were equipped
and encouraged in their walk with God and in their
marriages. Walls were broken down and hurts were
addressed. The time in Jordan was well-spent:
it was God-inspired and God-led.

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