Prescott Weekend:

We enjoyed a nice relaxing time in Prescott this past weekend with some old and new friends. You’ll see a post from Linda about the trip too.

We’ve known Randy & Linda for about 30 years and they are some of our most comfortable friends. We can be ourselves with them…we laugh and cry, share, encourage, process and dream with them. We enjoyed that this weekend. We’ve only known Marshall & Cathy for about a year, but we already know that they are a precious couple with kindred spirits. It was so much fun to have some extended time together to get to know them better. We are looking forward to more time with them all.
For any who haven’t visited there, Prescott is a town with a character all it’s own. The area is busting at the seams with development, but the roots go deep into Arizona history where cowboys and miners once roamed. The cowboy with his dog and the old fashioned lampposts are just a few snapshots of the personality you’ll find there. The Tiffany style lamp sits in the lobby of the Hassayampa Inn, established in 1927. We relaxed on their patio and listened to the sound of the fountain (pictured above too).
On Saturday, we walked a few trails at Lynx Lake and although we didn’t have a tripod, Marshall and Linda found ways to get group photos.

This amazing bed was at Van Gogh’s Ear Gallery… a strange name, but an awesome place. We saw some gorgeous pieces of
art! I was trying to figure out a way to get the bed to our backyard. Can’t you just imagine laying out under the stars on a cool evening in the comfort of your own dreamy bed. Ahhhh…what treat that would be.

On Monday we had a chance to take Terry’s mom to lunch and a movie too which was wonderful.

We really enjoyed our time up there…so many special memories.

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