Wow – I have so many choices of things to post about since I’m so far behind.

Plus we’re going to Prescott this weekend with some friends, so we’ll have even more when we get home. Here are some of the ones that I have available now. Tell me what sounds interesting and I’ll see if I can post more before we leave…no promises though.

  • Still waiting for Terry to do his final edit on the Quail story, then I’ll post that one
  • Amy & Andrew’s going away party (photo here of them playing Wii with Michelle)
  • Our trip to CA to help Amy take her stuff over there. (I have lots of thoughts on what I miss and don’t miss about CA with pics to go with it.)
  • My latest version of the branch on the wall
  • Recent decorating projects
  • Recent painting projects
  • An evening walk at the Tempe Center for the Arts (TCA) and Tempe Town Lake
  • Jed Gray and Michael Haugen’s graduation party
  • Mother’s Day treats
  • Amy leaving

For now, I’ll post a few of my favorites from the events above.

The word “Dream” above was bought on clearance for $5 at Target. It seems it was somehow a “Mother’s Day” item, so was on sale after the holiday. It sits on my nightstand to greet me before bed. I like it!

There are bits of paper and other items that were found on the construction site at TCA encased in these amber lights.

The fountain at TCA.

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  1. Wow…so much going on!! Everything sounds interesting, we’ll enjoy whatever you choose to share!My daughter’s home from ASU for the summer. She missed home…and we missed her!


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