Today is my sweet husband’s birthday. I love this photo that Amy took of him the other night. It’s just so Terry.

I’m also including a few pictures from before I knew him and one from the year after we were married (when he had the ZZ Top beard).

I’m so thankful that he’s my husband. God has blessed me with this wonderful man for these last 30+ years. He’s romantic, loving, kind, patient, talented, funny and so much more. He’s a great dad who has always loved, supported and encouraged the kids in whatever interests they had.

To top it off, he puts up with all the get-togethers that I like to plan and he even tolerates my crazy family. Now that’s patience!!!

When I was a teenager my sisters used to always tell me that my boyfriends weren’t good enough for me (o.k., I did make some pretty poor choices early on). Then when I started dating Terry they told me he was TOO good for me. And it’s so true. I’m so glad that he’s stuck it out with me for so long. My mom just loves him and reminds me all the time what a great catch he is.

They celebrated his birthday at work today by decorating his desk with streamers and balloons, enjoying chocolate cake with his team and he got a gift certificate for a free lunch at the cafeteria at work (which has pretty good food). His choice for his special day was to have a nice quiet evening at home, so I made his favorite meal of barbequed ribs, mashed potatoes and green beans. Yes, that’s really his favorite. (No steak, no seafood – what is he thinking?) We also had chocolate cake. Then he opened his presents. Kevin and Amy both called, which was a real treat, then we relaxed for the evening.

So Terry, when you read this, know that I love you forever and I hope you had an extra special day! You’re still as cute as you were in that little red wagon!

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  1. Oh my gosh, those are the cutest pictures ever!You have got to scrap these pics! Or enlarge the red wagon pic and mat and frame it. We are going to get ALL the slides from Randy’s Mom and start scanning them all and put together a DVD family slide show for the whole family to see on Randy’s Moms birthday in Aug.! Can’t wait!I love looking at old pics… and thanks for sharing these treasures of Terry!Happy Birthday Terry! We sure love you!


  2. These pictures are confusing. In one it looks like he’s in a concentration camp, and in the next one he’s in Youth for Hitler. Which one is it? Pick a side!Dein Happy Birthday Dad.


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