Open Door Fellowship 24/7 Prayer

A month late, but I finally posted the pictures from the Open Door Fellowship 24/7 Prayer time. See slide show on the right side of this page. Our home group visited one evening and had an amazing time there. The stations that were set up were very thought-provoking and meditative. There was a map set up with push pins to represent the military troops that people knew both in the US and overseas, so we could be praying for them, as well as all the other troops serving our country.

They also had a station with prayer requests written by inmates in the Phoenix jails and prisons. We had a chance to write a personal letter to one or more letting them know that we were praying for them. Many of them asked for protection for family members that were left behind or healing from drug or alcohol abuse.

Another station helped us understand the correlation in how our relationship with our earthly father impacts our perception of our Heavenly Father in both positive and negative ways.

Unfortunately, I spent much of my time taking pictures, and not as much time as I wanted to pray. It was a beautiful place though and I really appreciate all the work that went into it for us to enjoy.

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