Happy 26th Birthday Amy!

It’s hard to believe that it was 26 years ago when we were at Good Sam Hospital on April Fool’s Day, watching a Phoenix Suns and Lakers game, waiting for the delivery of our first child. She was two weeks overdue with no sign of coming any time soon.

Fortunately for me, the doctors decided we had waited long enough and Amy was delivered the next day, April 2nd. I was so glad she wasn’t an “April Fool’s” baby, but we were so excited to finally see her and hold her! Terry almost didn’t make it to the delivery and we lost all the pictures from the day she was born, but that’s a story for another time. This is about our Teegan and how special she is to us.

There are so many things that I love about our gorgeous daughter. She’s beautiful inside and out and here are just a few reasons why I think so…

I love the confidence she shows in everything she does and the fact that she’s not afraid to try new things and take on new challenges, even if it means she might have some set backs to overcome.

I love her independence. She’s always been very comfortable being on her own. Even as a baby she didn’t mind us leaving her in the nursery and she was content to play by herself a lot. She loved to look at books and read. She still loves that. And she has never been a slave to fads. She likes what she likes and doesn’t really care what others think about her choices. What a blessing!

I love the fact that she’s so creative. Now she shows it in her photography and scrap booking mostly, but when she was younger she showed it in her drawing, writing, decorating, fashion and just a myriad of ways. I’m sure all those areas will raise their heads again someday. It’s fun to see where her creativity takes her as time allows.

She has been blessed with lots of talent. Besides her creativity, God has gifted her with a gorgeous voice and a talent for acting too. She was always so fun to watch on stage during her teen years, no matter what she was doing. I’m planning to do a scrap book someday of all the different characters she’s played and costumes she’s worn. Great memories!

God has also blessed her with a heavy dose of intelligence. I’m convinced that she could do pretty much anything she wants to do (with God’s help, of course.) Although, she did tell me in high school when she was taking Anatomy that if she ever said she wanted to be a surgeon, not to let her. She also used to say that she wanted to be the General Manager of an NBA basketball team, and I think she could do it. She recently said that she wanted to be a movie director and I’m sure she could do that too. Besides, they call her “The General” you know. Or maybe someday, she’ll draw on all that reading and English Literature training that she’s done and become a writer herself. There are so many directions that she still could choose. How exciting to see where the Lord takes her in her career and life.

I also love that she cries easily (just like her mom). She used to make fun of me, but now she’s almost as bad as I am. I guess it’s just a sensitivity to the hearts of others.

Terry and I both love that she (and Andrew) are Suns fans. It’s fun to share that with them. In fact, her birthday present this year is that we’re taking her to a Suns game with her Grandma Irish (who also requested to go as our gift to her). We’ll have 3 generations of Hann girls at the game with Terry. What a blast! The Suns better win.

We also love the husband that she chose. Andrew is a sweet, sensitive, smart and creative guy himself and we’re so happy that they’re together.

Amy, we hope that you have an extra special birthday. We’re going to miss having you around to play cards and games with and go scrap booking and do laundry and just hang out. We love you forever and will miss you terribly! I’m already thinking about planning a trip to the Hollywood Bowl this summer. Wanna go?

4 thoughts on “Happy 26th Birthday Amy!

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  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of the old pictures that your kids’ birthdays bring out! They just make me smile – Thanks! (But I think your math is off a bit – she’s only 12 today.)


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