I know that there are probably very few people left who check my blog, since I’ve been so bad at posting. Hopefully it will get better. Flowers have been a big part of my life over the last few weeks and just I LOVE IT!!!
I love seeing flowers of any kind and feel truly blessed when I get the chance to enjoy them at home or in nature. They remind me of how much God loves us because He gives us gorgeous gifts like this that are here today and gone tomorrow. How much more must He love us since we’re created in His image? Here are just a few of the ways that I was blessed by God’s creation over the last few weeks.

The first two pics are of our front yard. Normally this is “desert landscaping” which is lots of rocks, some cacti and a few other plants. This time of year these gorgeous daisy-like flowers bloom and there are more and more every year. This year we also have several other kinds of purple flowers. It’s amazing and we don’t have to do anything to get them to grow!

The next 3 pictures of the blue succulent, fuchsia ice plant and orange flowers are from two weekends ago when Terry’s dad (Terry) and his wife, Ginny came to visit from North Carolina. While they were here we took them to Boyce Thompson Arboretum and Lost Dutchman State Park near the Superstition mountains. It was too early for most of the flowers but there were a few nice ones and the base of the mountains was covered with a gorgeous carpet of green .

This past weekend we drove up to Lake Pleasant with some friends and hiked about 4 miles on the Pipeline Canyon Trail. The poppies were outstanding! Here are just a few photos that don’t do it justice. You just had to be there. The last one has the reflection of the water from a creek below in the background…kinda artsy. I like it.

I also had one more unexpected encounter with flowers last week. On my first day of work at my new job, in the middle of the afternoon I had a delivery from the florist! It was this adorable bouquet of spring flowers in a big coffee cup and it came from Bruce, my boss at my previous job, and from the whole Catalyst team there wishing me all the best. How sweet is that!!!! It makes me smile just thinking about it. They are all so precious to me. I do miss them. Sad thing is that I took pictures of the bouquet and now I can’t find the pictures. I need to keep looking and I’ll post when I find them. I felt very loved.

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