Happy 24th Birthday, Kevin!


We have guests arriving to stay with us for the weekend (will post more on that later) but I didn’t want to miss wishing Kevin a happy birthday for tomorrow.

We are so blessed to have two awesome kids (that are now adults)! I just love watching them grow and change and follow their dreams. These are just a few things that I love about Kevin (in no particular order).

  • I love that he can make anyone laugh. He’s so funny with a crazy off-the-wall kind of humor and you just can’t help laughing with him or at him. He’s not afraid to do goofy things and make a fool of himself.
  • I love that he has an amazing tenor singing voice and I hope some day he chooses to use it in public again.
  • I love that he’s so smart and creative and talented. You can just see glimpses of it in everything he does. I look forward to seeing where God takes him with that. The sky’s the limit.
  • I love his tender and gentle spirit. The name Kevin means “gentle”, and he’s certainly got a tender heart when it comes to people or animals that need love and attention.
  • His grandmother once told me that she really appreciates the way Kevin has always gone out of his way to treat her with respect, carry on a conversation and listen to what she has to say, even when he was a young teenager, at an age when most kids don’t want to spend an extra minute with adults. He always took the time to make her and others feel loved and appreciated. He also wants to take home every homeless creature that he sees at the pound or in the streets and can’t stand the thought of harming anyone or anything.
  • I love that he’s so charismatic and handsome. (o.k. so maybe I’m a little prejudice) but actually people have told him that he looks like Chris O’Donnell.
  • I love that he can talk to anyone anywhere! Once when he was in high school and we were on vacation in Canada, he went for a walk in a nearby cemetery and when we asked why he was gone so long, he said that he’d been talking with the caretaker. Another time when we were waiting for a bus on vacation, he struck up a conversation with some older ladies (in their 60’s at least) and by the end of the conversation he had them laughing and offering him their snacks.
  • I love his passion for writing. In first grade, he wrote a “Book of Monster Opposites” with illustrations and all (tall/short, happy/sad, etc.) . His teacher liked it so much that she used it as a project for all her students every year after that. All throughout his life, he has spent hours and hours writing every kind of book, poem or story that you can think of. I know that God will continue to use that gift somehow.
  • I love that he has never stopped giving me hugs, even in front of his friends.
  • What a precious son we have. We wouldn’t trade him for the world!

Happy Birthday, Kevin. We love you forever.

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