Happy Birthday to me!

O.k. so my birthday’s not until July, but today we had a new bed delivered that was my birthday present from last year. Terry knew I wanted a new bed. The last one we bought was a waterbed just before Amy was born (nearly 26 years ago) and the only thing left of it was the wooden pedestal with 6 drawers in it. Of course, you couldn’t really see it under the dust ruffle, but I had always wanted a bed with a nice headboard, so Terry said I could get one for my birthday last year. I was shopping around and checking prices, but kept coming back to this one. It just reminds me of all those great beds of the past. It was a little more than I wanted to pay, but I kept watching and finally got it for $100 off the regular price, which was a big help.

Don’t you just love the crystal tops on the bed posts? I think they’re so awesome!

We moved the bed in front of the window and it makes the room feel much bigger. To finish off the room, I want to get some window coverings that match the bedding better, a bench or trunk for the foot of the bed and do some painting, but that will all have to wait till I can find a good deal and some more time to do the painting.

Shredder seems to like it. She was a bit confused the last few days. We had taken our old bed out of the room to get the carpet cleaned, in preparation for the arrival of the new bed, so while it was drying, we were sleeping in the guest room. She didn’t know what to think because we usually don’t even let her in that room. Anyway, all is good now and we should all be able to settle in to our new digs. Shredder also likes to hide and sleep under the bed, so this one will have a lot more room for her.

Oh, BTW, I also totally rearranged the guest room today. While we were sleeping in there, I realized what a pain it is if there are two people in the bed and the one sleeping next to the wall needs to get up in the middle of the night. It’s a bit cozy in there, but now the bed can be accessed from either side, which is MUCH easier. Terry’s dad and his wife, Ginny are coming on Friday, so I’m sure it will be much more convenient for them with this layout.

Stay tuned because one of these days I want to paint all the wood furniture in the room with some pretty pastels. I just love the look of the furniture at Maine Cottage! I probably won’t use their paints or their furniture because it’s too expensive for our budget, but I will definitely use them for inspiration. The hard part will be deciding on colors.

One thought on “Happy Birthday to me!

  1. LOVE the bed Nancy!And you are right, the glass knobs are brilliant!!And wow, what a cool pic of Shredder, especially when you enlarge it. He is gorgeous, never seems to age… what’s his secret? Fine living, the good life, I suppose.


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