LOVE the OSCARS !!!!

Linda‘s comments inspired me to post a little about the Academy Awards and movies, in general. I watched most of the Oscars last night and as always there were moments that made me cry. I missed a little at the beginning, but I recorded it and the Barbara Walters Special so I’m planning to go back and see what I missed. This is one of the only shows that I actually mark down on my calendar so I’m sure not to miss it and here are some things that I love and observe about it:

  • Getting to see what the “industry” folks think are the best movies of the year. I don’t always agree with them, but it’s good to know anyway. – for example, the movie that won Best Picture, (No Country for Old Men) I would never see again if you paid me. Oh, it’s not that the movie wasn’t well made and that the acting wasn’t incredible, but the subject matter is just too depressing for me…a psycho serial killer that always gets what he wants. Too creepy and disturbing for me. The only reason I went in the first place was because I had not seen anything about the plot of the movie. My bad, for choosing something based solely on an actor. I’ll do more research the next time.
  • I love the emotion of the acceptance speeches and the fact that the dreams of so many people are realized that night. It just makes me cry to see them so thankful and humbled.
  • I love the fact that actors come in all shapes and sizes. It gives us hope that we don’t have to be absolutely perfect to be a good actor. Of course, in Hollywood it doesn’t hurt, especially when you’re a woman.
  • When our daughter, Amy was young, she loved acting and singing and used to say that someday she would get an Academy Award. I really believe that she still could if she chooses to pursue a job in the industry. Now that she’s probably going to be living in L.A. she has a much better chance at that.
  • Who knows, with our son-in-law, Andrew’s new training in audio recording, he could even be doing something in film sound mixing or editing someday.
  • And our son Kevin, loves to write and loves the technology of special effects, so who knows what could happen with him too!
  • I truly believe that all three of them have the potential to really do it. Wouldn’t that be amazing to be a parent watching one of your own accept an Oscar? Wow! I just hope we’re invited to the celebration.
  • Fashion is not a heavy focus for me, but I’m so glad that folks have generally gotten away from the really outlandish outfits and are coming in more classic and glamorous garb. I just loved some of the dresses this year that made these already gorgeous women look truly spectacular.
  • After living in the L.A. area for 18 years, and having friends and family in and around “the industry”, it really makes you appreciate all the hard work and literally hundreds of people that it takes to make a movie. It’s pretty cool that the whole city nearly shuts down that weekend to honor the awards show.
  • I agree that at times its a bit ridiculous how much is spent on some of the junk that’s out there, but when there’s a truly memorable piece, it’s well worth it.
  • It’s so awesome that the culture today allows for more independent pieces and that even lower budget films can make it big – the American dream for sure.

I agreed with Linda on many of her choices for top movies. Here are a few more to add to the list:

Schindler’s List – (Linda – you need to see this if you haven’t already)
Chariot’s of Fire
Rain Man
On Golden Pond
The Sting
Sleepless in Seattle
It’s a Wonderful Life

I’m sure there’s more. Let me know your favorites.

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  1. I loved the Academy Awards last night… John Stewart did a great job and the montages were really incredible. I loved Javier Bardem’s acceptance speech… although I don’t know what he said.I was really proud of myself this year – I saw 4 out of the 5 nominees for best picture… I thought Atonement should have won and I agree with you about No Country… and DON’T see There will be Blood. Daniel Day Lewis was phenomenal, but the movie SUCKED!! Juno is charming, and I have not seen Michael Clayton… it’s on the Netflix though.


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