Project update – Thursday (To keep me accountable)

As mentioned before I’m trying to finish a few projects around the house before I start my new job, so in order to keep myself on track I want to try to post some of the items I’ve completed.

Yesterday I took down all the “Winter” decorations. That would be anything that’s not specifically Christmas, that I didn’t feel like taking down in early January. Since the weather’s getting nicer here, it just doesn’t feel like winter any more so it’s out with the snowmen, snowflakes, pine cones, etc. and in with the Spring decor and colors. Here are a couple of areas that were changed.

Top of the armoire in the living room:

Winter – I just love these trees from Crate & Barrel! I also got a gorgeous silver tree to add to the collection from my friend, Sharon.

Spring: (pictured at top) These are all things I already had (the sofa in here is red, so I stayed with those colors). I have a collection of bird houses. I don’t use them as much as I used to, but still keep a few around.

Guest Bath:

Winter: Last year I found a versatile red, green and gold plaid shower curtain that can be used in the fall and winter. It goes great with the buttery yellow walls of either bathroom.

Spring: Another plaid shower curtain with wonderful greens, blues, yellows just brightens up the room. Those awesome aqua candles were a gift from from friend, Linda. They look great in this room! This bathroom is still a work in progress…more to do to finish it off. I’ll probably bring in some flowers of some kind later, but I like where it’s going.

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  1. Love the transformation Nancy!I really want to have a beachy, aqua bathroom someday… and I know it’s cuz of your bathroom! Love those color combos but especially that sign!!


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