News of the week:

Do these guys look familiar? You’re right. They don’t look like anyone special to me either.

That probably explains how Eli Manning and his whole offensive line sat about 10 feet away from us at dinner last night and we didn’t even know it was them until we asked someone.

Now, understand that we knew they had to be on a football team or something because they were all massively HUGE, except Eli, but they just looked so young that we had no idea they were professional football players bulking up for the biggest game of the year and for some of them, the biggest game of their lives!

Can you believe it! How random for us to happen to be in Chandler of all places, meeting a friend from California for dinner. I think we’ve had dinner in Chandler maybe once in the last 30 years.

It was kinda cool, even though I really know nothing about that team except that they beat our friends’ beloved Packers (sad). We were at Firebirds (Wood Fired Grill) restaurant by the Chandler mall. I would have taken a picture with my cell phone but it was too dark.

We enjoyed catching up with our friend, Steve B and the food at the restaurant was pretty good too.

This is Eli Manning…doesn’t he look too young to be a pro quarterback?

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