After several years of trying to figure out a way to reduce my hours in my job at Leadership Catalyst, we’ve come to the realization that, due to the nature of my role there, it’s just not practical to have someone who’s not there full time, 5 days a week. Because I believe that the Lord has laid it on my heart to have some more time at home for family, friends, church, etc., we’ve decided to take a step of faith and begin looking for a different job that will allow me at least one more day a week at home.

I didn’t want to leave the Catalyst team (this photo is most of the team and spouses at our Christmas party) without enough transition & training time, so even though I don’t have another job yet, we’ve already started looking for my replacement (a bit uncertain on my part, but best for all involved, I think).

If you have an idea of someone who could fill an Events Manager role for Catalyst or (for me) a more flexible 3-4 day a week job in the Phoenix area, I’d love to hear from you. I’d also be happy to send along the Events Manager job description for potential candidates and/or my resume if you want more info on my work history and variety of experience.

Please keep this transition in your prayers. As you can imagine, with all the upcoming events that Catalyst has in 2008, there’s never really a good time for a change like this. A few possible candidates have surfaced for the Events position, but our goal is to find a very skilled person who can get up to speed quickly to fill that full time role. We’re trusting God for the next step for me as well. I’m excited and wide open on the possibilities that He may bring along.

Thanks for your prayers and any help you might be able to give in the way of referrals, etc.

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  1. I just recently learned that you were an event manager, I don’t know where i’ve been? I have also recently decided that I am going to be an event planner. I am very excited about all of the opportunities for the future, maybe sometime we could talk. Love you. Hope all is well where the weather is warmerthan most places this time of year!


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